• Supports multiple company branches and profit sharing calculation

  • Automates working procedures to increase business efficiency

  • Allows flexibility, as a web application, you can access the information about your business from anywhere and using any device: laptop, Smartphone or tablet

  • Centralizes data helping you to organize the entire reservation process and providing you with all relevant information: paid amount, selling price, expected profit, customers, travel dates, product information and more; for every reservation, all of it in one place

  • Caters to increased number of employees and processes; changes made by one employee become visible to everyone leaving no place for misunderstandings

  • Integrates Travflex (B2B2C) Online system. If you are using both systems, you will be able to download an upload your products, bookings and account records

  • Defines the function of each user by giving them different authorization levels

  • VAT or Tax can be specified according to different services


  • Allows you to add new and modify all type of services, such as travel packages for FIT, GIT or incentive basis; at anytime

  • Creates customized packages with itinerary, quotation and costing sheet

  • Allows single element production (Hotels, Flights, Packages, Tours, Attractions, Miscellaneous, etc.), as well as dynamic & static packages

  • Allows the creation of multiple price lists for different markets, in different currencies and built for specific customers

  • Runs multiple services in a single transaction and using multiple currencies

  • Pulls out services from costs, tariffs, or estimated rates (if no rates available for future time periods)


  • Provides and extremely flexible reservation function, allowing you to make changes at any stage of your RSVN

  • Permits the creation of itineraries with images

  • Allows for quick or manual bookings

  • Generates standard vouchers, invoices and itineraries at any time

  • Emails print outs from inside the function

  • Allows flexibility when booking; you can book one hotel for multiple time periods; multiple hotels for one time period, different room categories in one hotel, etc.


  • Allows adjustment to the cost in operations after booking confirmation

  • Generates reports as arrival time, departure time, or tour pick-up, which will save time and ensure your operations are efficient and effective

  • Keeps track of your operations for any time periods; past, present, or future

  • Displays other available rates for the unavailable services after confirmation

  • Allows you to directly send emails to your suppliers from inside the function

  • Emails multiple suppliers at once


  • Generates reports on demand, which could normally take a team of humans numerous hours or days

  • Allows you to see the cost breakdown of bundled packages

  • Makes accounting processes run faster, efficiently and consistently, by using computerized packages for invoicing

  • Has an extensive accounting facilities, actual income can be compared to standard costs and be used for financial planning

  • Handles operational accounts payable and receivables, which allows for accurate tracking of customers outstanding balance and revenues

  • Gives you an overview of all reservations that were not paid on time, as well as the paid and remaining amounts

  • Shows all transactions made between you and your B2B and B2C customers